Example Realty

This is where your short description would go. It may go something along the lines of "I am real estate agent working tirelessly to show you the best home in the high-end district of King's Landing." About 3 or 4 sentences should be optimal for this description. Did we mention that these sites look great on mobile too?

You also get to choose 2 main website colors. This example site has dark gray as its primary color, and "eggshell" as its secondary.

Optional Featured Listing Section - have anywhere from 1 to 20 featured listings

123 Example St
Richville, CA 90000

5 Bed | 4 Bath | 1,700 SqFt

44 Hidden Trail
Hidden Valley, TN 37099

2 Bed | 1 Bath | 400 SqFt

500 Cliff Edge Pkwy
Seatown, MA 01009

1 Bed | 1 Bath | 500 SqFt

1700 Main Street Rd
Standardtown, IN 46099

3 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,000 SqFt

54000 Beach Place St
Celebrityville, CA 90099

5 Bed | 3 Bath | 1,400 SqFt

4242 New Development St
Suburbo, CO 80299

4 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,300 SqFt

Optional Testimonials

Optional Mortgage Calculator

This is where you would put the optional mortgage calcuator. This is relatively standard on many real estate agents' websites, but isn't always necessary and is entirely optional.

Use this space to describe how to use the Mortgage Calculator. Or don't. It depends on the wordage you would rather put on your own website.

After all, the Mortgage Calculator is pretty self explanatory, but you'd be surprised what people do and don't intuitively understand on the Internet.

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